About Open Links

About Open Links

Open Links has revolutionized how golf courses are found and golf trips are planned. Our search engine provides access to an aggregated source of worldwide course data and makes it simple to sort through thousands of courses based on unique data points. With user-generated ratings and reviews, as well as key data points such as price and weather, our goal is to help users find a great course based on their preferences.

Whether you’re looking to plan your next golf trip or find a course close to home, Open Links is your go-to resource. When you're not planning for your next golf adventure, Open Links keeps you linked in with other users so you can share feedback on the courses you’ve played and your experiences at newly discovered courses.

At Open Links, we strive to keep golfers linked and introduce devoted golfers to outstanding destinations.


Our Values

Open Links aims to inspire golfers to travel for a chance to play top golf courses and hidden gems around the world. Our approach is authentic, providing golfers with data based on what they actually care about. Our information is credible, featuring accurate course data paired with user-generated reviews to ensure it is current and up-to-date. Above all, we are passionate about motivating players to visit new courses, review them, and share their experiences with other golfers.

From Our Founder

The Open Links journey began in 2015 while I was working at a leading financial data and software company in Chicago. I had been playing golf since I was a teenager (inspired by Tiger Woods’ 1997 Masters victory), but I had more recently acquired an interest in golf course travel and architecture. Like many other golf travel enthusiasts, I started tracking courses that I had played, as well as a “wishlist” of courses that looked interesting.

- Paul Storie