Men Only: America’s Most Exclusive Golf Clubs


Men Only: America’s Most Exclusive Golf Clubs

There are 23 clubs in America that still only permit men to join. These clubs are becoming more and more rare, as fewer have opened in previous decades and many have opened their doors to women in recent times, such as Augusta National and Pine Valley. We looked at clubs with extremely small membership in Part One of our Exclusive Clubs series, and in Part Two, we take a look at the remaining “mens clubs” across America. Here is the current list of mens only clubs in America:

Garden City Golf Club on Long Island is the oldest remaining mens golf club. Photo: Patrick Koenig

A few observations (and rumors):

  • The oldest men’s only club was built in 1909 is Garden City.

  • The most common time period that men’s only clubs were built were in the 1960s and 1970s when eight of the 20 clubs were established, followed by the 1910s and 1920s when six were built.

  • There has not been a men’s only club built in over 20 years, with Black Sheep outside of Chicago being the last to be built in 2002.

  • Chicagoland has more men’s only clubs (four) than any other region. Dallas-Fort Worth, Cleveland, and St. Louis each have two.

  • Butler National hosted the Western Open from 1974-1990 but lost the tournament due to their gender policy.

  • Preston Trail in Dallas does not allow anyone under the age of 21 to play, as Jordan Spetih found out when he was younger.

  • Bogey Club/Log Cabin is rumored to only admit male CEOs as members.

  • Ridglea Country Club in Fort Worth allows women to join but not play on their South course.

  • There are no women’s only clubs in the U.S.; however, The Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto only allows women members. It is the only known club in North America to do so.

Black Sheep outside of Chicago is the last mens club to be built in America when is opened in 2002. Photo: Patrick Koenig

Augusta National famously opened its doors to women to join before the 2012 Masters Tournament, with Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore being the first two female members. As of 2021, there are six female members at Augusta. Pine Valley club president Jim Davis said “the future of golf must move towards inclusion” when the top-ranked course in the world opened its doors to women in 2021. There has not been a men’s only club built in the past 20 years and we suspect this exclusive list of clubs will become more inclusive in the years to come.



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